"Since 2003, my office has relied on Tim Rowland's expertise and experience. Tim's unique medical background in critical care, forensic training and experience allows him to add valuable insight and perspective with respect to timely homicide and death investigations. He is one of the most respected Coroners in Pennsylvania and it's extremely important for the citizens of Lackawanna County to keep the Coroner's office running efficiently and vote to keep Tim in office".

- Andy Jarbola, Lackawanna County District Attorney

"I had the honor and privilege of serving as your Coroner for almost 20 years and I know what the job entails and that's why I'm asking you to keep Tim Rowland and his experience as your Coroner. The Coroner's office has evolved greatly over the past two decades. Today, medical training and forensic expertise are absolutely essential. Tim's training, certifications and expertise make him by far the candidate with the best skill set to lead the Coroner's office. Time and time again, I've also witnessed Tim's devotion and compassion to families struck by tragedy."

- Joe Brennan, former Lackawanna County Coroner

"The Coroner must thoroughly understand the circumstance surrounding the death of an individual, preserve and collect evidence to support the facts, and clearly and fairly understand and explain the cause and manner of death. Experience and a background in medicine are essential to perform these duties of the Coroner. Tim Rowland is well known and highly respected in the medical community. His medical background provides him with a clear understanding as to what has happened. Tim is readily available to those who need him. He is dedicated, responsible and extremely knowledgeable."

– Gary Ross, M.D. Forensic Pathologist

"When I met Tim Rowland, he was busily engaged in providing help to the poorest of the poor in Haiti, especially the children.  As I got to know his professional and educational background and above all, his hands on day by day experience as coroner, I realized in Tim Rowland, we have a public servant of integrity and high moral values expressed with compassion and personal care.  He won my prayers and support and he has them now."

- Fr. Cassian J. Yuhas, C.P. MA, HED, former Rector Basilica Community of St. Ann, Scranton.

"Sadly in Haiti, we are no strangers to death.  We are often in the company of the dying and we bury the unclaimed dead from the General Hospital every Thursday.  I have found that you can really tell someone's strength by how they handle the dead.  Tim has volunteered in Haiti many times over the years.  Along with his medical help, he has also assisted us in burying our dead.  He demonstrates compassion and respect for those abandoned and scourged by poverty even after death.  Tim is a person of great strength and unselfish character willing to help anyone in need."

- Fr. Rick Frechette, C.P, D.O. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

"YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT. As a nurse that works in the Emergency Department and processes for the County Morgue, I want to keep you! You are great at your job. Lackawanna County needs someone who is excellent at his job and respects the people of Lackawanna...someone that is so inspired that you truly know that he passionate about the Office of Coroner. I hope you never need the Coroner, but if you do, I hope even more that you have Tim Rowland."

- Kelle Warholak Lach

"Tim, the taxpayers could not possibly find a more qualified candidate nor a more decent, honorable and compassionate human being. I wish you nothing but the very best."

- Bill Nasser

"There isn't anyone who can do that job better than you!!"

- Doreen Merenich

"We are all behind you and all who know you should share what a wonderful human being you are. You deserve all the votes as you can get as you are perfect for the job...  you will never know how many people love you and respect you for all you do to make this world a better place. We are all behind you..."

- Marion Molly Fitzgerald Supanek

"To serve as coroner certainly requires experience and training.  There is little doubt that Tim Rowland has the required experience, and has proven performance in the role.  But to serve as coroner also requires integrity, dedication, and compassion.  I have often witnessed Tim’s sensitivity and compassion in response to suffering, tragedy, and poverty in the many charitable efforts he supports along with his wife and family.  I have seen this same dedication, compassion, and sensitivity to human suffering in the course of his daily work as the current Lackawanna County Coroner. Lackawanna County is fortunate to have a candidate who is uniquely qualified with the right experience, proven performance, and true compassion."

- Holly A. O’Connor, Esq.

"I am a resident of Luzerne County. However, I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Tim, both in and out of his capacities as Coroner. I am here to tell you that you would be hard pressed to find a man that is as dedicated and true to the job. This matched with his compassion for others is what makes Tim Rowland the best choice for Lackawanna County Coroner!"

- Joe Hawk

"Not a lot of people know that Tim goes out of his way to help people and he doesn't get anything in return. That's why I am behind him a 100%. There are so many good things to say about him."

- Dan Slover


"It is with great honor and distinction that I inform you the Fraternal Order of Police, E.B. Jermyn Lodge #2 at our April meeting, endorsed you as our candidate for Lackawanna County Coroner.  The proud men and women of E.B. Jermyn Lodge #2 have chosen you to lead the Office of Coroner and serve the people of Lackawanna County."

- Robert Martin, President, Fraternal Order of Police E.B. Jermyn Lodge #2

"I am pleased to inform you that during the monthly meeting of Carpenters Local Union 645 on October 20, 2011 your candidacy for Lackawanna County Coroner was endorsed by the members. The members in attendance voted unanimously to endorse you and we wish you the best of luck in the upcoming November 8th general election."

- Drew Simpson, Council Representative, Carpenter’s Local Union 645
United Brotherhood of Carpenter and Joiners of America