About Tim:

My name is Tim Rowland, and I have been the primary on-call death investigator in Lackawanna County since 2003, investigating over 1,000 deaths, and participating in over 500 autopsies.  I previously served as the Deputy Coroner, and am currently serving as your Lackawanna County Coroner. I also have over 35 years of critical care medical experience as a paramedic.

On this web site, you'll find information about me, the experience which qualifies me to be the Coroner, and the certifications, which I've earned and maintained over the course of my service as deputy and now as your Coroner. You will also be able to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a Coroner, and why I am the best choice for Lackawanna County.

As Coroner, it is my responsibility to be the voice for those who have lost theirs…to insure that the deceased are treated with honor, respect and dignity…and to provide honest answers and peace of mind to their family. Being Coroner requires good judgment and the ability to completely understand every possible extenuating circumstance surrounding an unexpected death, and to conclude with the highest degree of certainty, the cause and manner of death for those unfortunate whom I represent.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve the people of Lackawanna County, and I look forward to continuing this service with your help.

I would greatly appreciate your support and respectfully ask for your vote.


Tim Rowland
Lackawanna County Coroner